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NDANO Board Development Workshop - Grand Forks

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
12:00 pm6:00 pm
C'mon Inn, Grand Forks

NDANO’s Board Development Workshops with Carter McNamara are designed for CEOs/executive directors and board members of nonprofits of all sizes and missions. They include the following components:

Pre/Post Board Assessment Tool
Use an online assessment tool to evaluate your board’s strengths, challenges and opportunities at the beginning of this workshop. Then take the assessment six months later to evaluate your progress.

In-Person Training Sessions
Learn strategies to build a stronger board. For the CEO/executive director, board chair and board members.

--Training Session A
Noon-2:45 p.m. “Building Blocks for Successful Nonprofit Boards” (for CEOs and board chairs)
Enhance your board chair/CEO partnership by participating together to explore board roles, responsibilities and best practices; maximizing the board-CEO relationship; and staff support for board development.

--Training Session B
3-6 p.m. “Bringing Your Board to the Next Level” (for CEOs and all board members)
Board members join the board chair and CEO to review common board challenges, along with a vision for a healthy board. Learn how to ensure active board committees and useful board meetings, along with practical procedures for improving your board and training board members not in attendance.

Phone Support Sessions
Pose your governance questions and challenges in this bi-weekly discussion for two months following the in-person training to get answers that will help you move your board to the next level.

A native of North Dakota, Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, of Authenticity Consulting, is one of the nation’s top experts about nonprofit boards. He is well-known for his highly practical tools for boards and for his lively, highly interactive training sessions. Carter has 25 years of real-world leadership and management experience.

Participation is limited to 40 individuals with a maximum of 5 participants per nonprofit.

Each participating nonprofit will receive one copy of Carter’s book, Field Guide to Developing, Operating and Restoring Your Nonprofit Board ($32 value).

For CEO and Board Chair* (Sessions A & B)
--NDANO/AFP/MCN Member Registration: $50
--Nonmember Registration: $100
*If the board chair is not available, another board member must join the CEO for Session A.

Additional Board Members (Session B)
--NDANO/AFP/MCN Member Registration: $10 per board member (maximum 3)
--Nonmember Registration: $20 per board member (maximum 3)

If more than 3 board members from your nonprofit wish to attend, email to request placement on the waiting list.

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